Tom Raworth: gifted

a present
fits me
to a t

Ace ― Tom Raworth (with a nod to old Stones… & stoners)

a present
gifted, & at arms (rah-rah)
shabby old cardigan, slippers, &c. [1]
― the real raw deal!

’s worth a lotta r…
She corrects [2]   /    x-ray
muse in my devices

fits me
sting or other wrays
Rae-worth, Raw-worth let’s call
the whole thing off ?

to a t
Om boy… pleased to meet’cha
full steam a head
top speed, them ol’ rollers [3]



[1] TR’s reading at Kootenay School of Writing, mid-’90s
[2] Rae Armantrout corrects my pronunciation, over dinner: Rāworth, not Răworth, as I’d been saying, like, for-ever…
[3] TR’s break-neck, monotone reading speed―bravura performance


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Stephen Bett’s father took him to sit, age 15 and starting out in poetry, at the feet of his father’s friend P.K. Page, the doyenne of Canadian poetry, who later revived the "glosa" in Canada. Bett’s new book, his 25th, in a sense brings it all back home. Broken Glosa takes the “glosa,” a Renaissance Spanish Court form, and breaks it down to its contemporary essentials―fractured forms for fractured times and alternate realities―riffing on postmodernist and post-avant poets in ways that are as surprising and inventive as they are richly textured while remaining fresh and playful. The poets “glossed” / riffed on to date: Armantrout, Bernstein, Berrigan, Blackburn, Bowering, Cathers, Clark, Coolidge, Creeley, Davey, Dorn, Dworkin, Everson, Friesen, Grenier, Hollo, Jones, Kenyon, Kroetsch, Kyger, Lamantia, Lazer, Loewinsohn, Mac Low, McCaffery, McKinnon, Meltzer, Newlove, nichol, O’Hara, Olson, Oppenheimer, Padgett, Pickard, Prynne, Queneau, Raworth, DC Reid, M Reid, Rothenberg, Saroyan, Schjeldahl, Snyder, Spicer. There have been 20 journal publications to date.