Submissions Policy


We accept: poetry in all forms, fiction, non-fiction & essays, book reviews, and journals/diaries. We occasionally accept photography and have the ability to showcase visual work.

We prefer a simply formatted MS Word document that uses standard fonts (i.e. Times New Roman) and header tags. If a document is not able to be easily read or prepared for digital publication we may send it back for reformatting. No plain text if you can help it and we’d prefer not to receive PDFs. Complex formatting of poems and prose is certainly possible if necessary.

Please use your best judgement when submitting. Sending us multiple submissions in a short time period will usually have a negative effect on your publication chances. However, if you have a group of poems and a memoir or critical analysis, please feel free to send along simultaneously as separate submissions.

We do not set a limit on the number of poems you can submit but would prefer around 5; in cases of a poetry sequence or poems that live together, we will consider them as a group and work to publish them in their entirety.

Please only send us one work of fiction or the first in a serial; it’s best to let us get a feel for your work before we get another submission. Exceptions can be made if the works should live together. However if you have a wide range of styles of voice then feel free to send us more than one piece, preferably as one submission and clearly demarcated.

Send us a bio in the third person, a link to your web site if you have it and your twitter handle so we can include you in our promoted tweets.

Do not be rude, patronizing or condescending – we’ve been around in the lit world for 20 years and whether you’re a published author or a college professor you’re not more important than us in the context of this zine. We don’t work for you and we are not minions. You break that cardinal rule of respect and you will see yourself unpublished. 


By submitting you give Projected Letters (or Lit Zine) non-exclusive rights to publish your work indefinitely.

We reserve the right to archive or remove your work at any point.

You may request your work be removed at any time; this will be done within a month.

We prefer previously unpublished (new) work to keep the site fresh; exceptions include new translations of existing work and work that would improve the metrics of the site.

If your work is published on other portals or in other formats we request that you name us as the first point of publication or otherwise reference the zine in your acknowledgements or end matter in the case of print (thanks to those who already have).

The editors reserve the right to edit your work and publish it in edited form if it feels necessary; however, in these circumstances changes will be vetted by you. We reserve the right to refuse publication in the event the writer and editor cannot come to terms.

Absolutely no plagiarism; we know mature poets steal, but we can’t allow plagiarized work on the site. We will perform a plagiarism check on every piece. References and referential/derivative work are acceptable.

By publishing your work on the site, you indemnify Projected Letters, its editors and those affiliated with it from any legal action resulting from publication of your work. This is either in the form of a plagiarism lawsuit, defamation, or other recourse to the courts.

When you submit via the contact form your email address will automatically be added to our subscriber list. If you do not wish to be added and do not wish to receive updates about the site, please do not submit.

We don’t pay for submissions: this is a lit zine.

If you agree to the above please submit your work.


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