Projected Letters was created by Gregor Milne and Amanda Harris in 2004 as a kind of successor to the world’s very first lit zine, The Richmond Review (UK, founded 1994), where we were editors. I continued the lit zine into 2009. Most of the writers I had published in the Richmond Review name came along for the trip. We had a good run of five years until a failed site migration and corrupted backup put an end to the site for almost a decade. I finally got around to trawling through the WayBack machine, manually copying content links into its search browser in order to restore at least some of the library of awesome content we had accumulated over the years. I think the content is evergreen and nothing (with the exception of one or two reviews) seems outdated.

If you wrote for the zine and don’t see your content – and would like that content published, please contact us and we’ll happily republish it. If you would like work removed from the site, we are happy to do so.

If you would like to submit work, go to our Contact and Submissions Page and fill the form out. You can attach files too.

The zine was founded to give an uncensored outlet to known and unknown talent, and even if it never garners the same 35,000 strong readership as in the past in my opinion it’s a venture worth the effort.

– Gregor Milne, Editor, PL

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Projected Letters is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the best new and established writing from around the world.