Help Wanted

After a year of illness, surgery, work, and a new addition to my family, editing a literary zine became a lower priority. There are things I want to do with the magazine that time and resources can’t accommodate. I also get distracted by home improvement jobs so need support when I decide to go off on another tangent. PL was founded by two people – I’d like at least a second person to help it reach its potential. If you want a paid role, please click on the home button and enjoy the magazine. 

I’m looking for anyone with an interest in literature or a specific field, like poetry, book reviews, fiction, essays. Your role will be defined as a general editor or, for example “poetry editor”. You do not have to be a professor of literature, or have a stellar publishing career – you only have to want to bring great new work to the table, and contribute your own work as we open the magazine up to reviews. Your age is also unimportant to me – I’ve had collaborators old and young over the years. I’m based in Metro-area new Jersey but you can be located anywhere in the world. I don’t care what your politics are, and have a submissions policy that is in line with the First Amendment; there are editorial guidelines but they’re really to prevent egregious bigotry.

Your day to day will be want you want it to be – I’ll be doing submissions drives, so there should be plenty to read.

You need to know what a lit editor does – it’s not to be a proofreader.

You don’t have to be technically proficient – I’ve set the CMS up so a well-formatted word doc will upload and publish easily. You will need to be willing to enter a few keywords per article and edit and proof whatever we publish. At the beginning I’ll retain the right to veto any work, but that will probably relax pretty quickly.

We can have weekly or monthly emails, or just chat over Whatsapp when needed.

If you’re popular on social media, that’s an added plus – it’s a good way of promoting the site, and my small forays into social media promotions leave a bit to be desired.

There will be no co-ownership; I’ve put too much work into the magazine over the years to want to share too much, and anyway a modicum of hierarchy helps in decision making. You don’t have to give money, just a little time and ideas for making the magazine better. If your ideas cost money, we’ll start a discussion.

So if you want to be “editor”, “poetry editor”, “fiction editor” please do the following:

contact me a submissions @ (or use the contact form). Say you want to get involved; tell me what your favorite book is,  what genre(s) you like – and how you can make the magazine better and we’ll start the conversation from there. 


Projected Letters is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the best new and established writing from around the world.