This Bug is Flying in My Face and I’m a Little Stressed

Remember that time
we reclined in the car
and your own words
split you in two?

It was kind of
like when that cooking show lady
we always watched
slit open a pomegranate and
ruby red seeds just poured out.

I grasped the zipper
and fastened you back together
with metal teeth and pencil lead,
but it didn’t hold.
You swatted a fly and fell apart.


Projected Letters is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the best new and established writing from around the world.


icki Austin, faculty at Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School in Kingston, PA, has more than twenty years of experience in primary and higher education writing instruction and grant submission. Recently shifting her focus from persuasive writing, Vicki’s creative work was featured in the October 2018 publication, The Walls Between Us: Essays in Search of Truth, from Juncture Workshops. You can find Vicki on Twitter @VickiAustin02.