At least the scarecrow realized
he didn’t have a brain.
He wanted one because he
that brains have thoughts
that accumulate
and integrate
their way
into productive ideas
that enrich others,
and give way to change.

But what if the scarecrow didn’t
seek knowledge, and in his head
sought power instead?
Like the man behind the curtain
but this time in front, unveiled,
all without a brain,
he’d speak
and spew
and rule
and be cruel
with no mind,
no heart,
and no courage.
Just rhetoric.

Could that ever be?
A scarecrow in charge
of you and me?
Surely not.
We’d never let
a scarecrow rule.
We’d never be
such giant fools.
Would we?


Projected Letters is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the best new and established writing from around the world.


Originally from Mumbai, India, Minoti Vaishnav immigrated to the United States on her own as a teenager. She is a former singer/songwriter with three albums under her belt, and is currently a television writer and producer in Los Angeles, as well as a current student in the low-residency Masters in Creative Writing program at the University of Oxford. Her work has been published in Verve Magazine and Documentary Magazine, and her teleplays have earned her winning placements at New York TV Festival and in ISA's Emerging Screenwriters Competition.