(The Song of Aldan)

I stand with the trees, as they wait for the rain.
I dance with their leaves, as they breathe the wind.
Upon the sea the storms are gathering,
as life within my womb like lightning
strikes the brink of mankind’s dreams.

I walk with the earth, as she circles the heavens.
I talk to the sky, as he fashions the seasons.
The waltz of life has found its pace;
the language of love has found its voice
within the bounds of time and space.

I stand with the fields, as they wait for the grain.
I bide with the meadows, as they bathe in the sun.
Above the land the clouds meander,
as life within my womb like thunder
shakes the stars from their jeweled beams.

I stand with the earth; I dance with the sky.
A well of joy, o gods, am I.


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