News From North Country

News From North Country

The bright-eyed buxom broadcaster in thick makeup
her mother never quite taught her to brush on correctly
suddenly engulfs and swallows up her fellow newscaster
boring the hell out of us with his very choice and casual  
small talk, while we see his slim heath club figure naturally 
moving down her trachea, letting out a slight burp, and with
a little giggle peeps–“O excuse me” and very matter-of-factly
says– “And now for our North Country weather” where another very
slim prudent, neat and tidy man in his conservative glasses, pretending
to be all nice and kind, whimsical and funny, responds–“Thanks Jenny”
and watches his back now a little more guarded and discreetly, while
pointing to different regions with captions flashing beneath him about 
school closings due to an impending ice storm, at last moving towards
the last story of the morning where they display like one of those idiot
reenactments of some Revolutionary War battle where they show a
bunch of old timers and bankers and accountants scuttling through
the suburban forest all dressed up in their tight Revolutionary War
uniforms made to look like Minutemen, like during one of those
school field trips you used to take as a kid you loathed and
hated, which would bore the hell out of you (thinking more so 
about getting laid and all the classes you were falling behind in) 
with resentful maidens getting paid minimum wage to make brooms
and butter, while the camera finally pans at last to that buxom bright-
eyed broadcaster just standing there with her poorly brushed-on make
up and her plastic, psychotic smile, feening, standing right next to
the last remaining, slim, very flamboyant newscaster cozying up to her
due to apparent natural consequences and her might-over-right mental-
ity, acting all happy, getting ready for a new day up in North Country.




The Revolutionary War

I need a sketch artist on an everyday daily basis
who will flesh-out all my moods and very fragile
state of mind and existence and will fill up his 
tip jar to the top with loose change and maybe 
if i get lucky will take requests; one of those
damaged entertainers whose women all left
in some insane, half-crazed lounge constantly 
experiencing drama and crisis night in night 
out; some old laughing hag smoking cigars 
rocking back and forth on the porch with her 
escort gangsta black man under a bugzapper 
beneath the stars then return casually back 
through deep dark woods of glowing eyes 
of nocturnal creatures cautiously creeping 
out of revolutionary war graveyards just as 
lost and lonesome as myself to that window    
on the lake where my much older sugar baby 
unconditionally waits and welcomes me naked 
while always ready who once claimed she didn’t 
want the relationship to get too hot and heavy and 
when you finally have had it and have to hit the road 
starts whelping out loud how she knew her dogs were 
gonna make you go while you naturally immigrate back 
to the city and her to that commune of pretty whimsical 
windswept women wailing in creaky caravans on the sea.

About Joseph Reich

Joseph Reich is a social worker who lives with his wife and thirteen year old son in the high-up mountains of Vermont He has been published in a wide variety of eclectic literary journals both here and abroad, been nominated seven times for The Pushcart Prize, and his books in poetry and cultural studies include, "If I Told You To Jump Off The Brooklyn Bridge" (Flutter Press) "A Different Sort Of Distance" (Skive Magazine Press) "Pain Diary: Working Methadone & The Life & Times Of The Man Sawed In Half" (Brick Road Poetry Press) "Drugstore Sushi" (Thunderclap Press) "The Derivation Of Cowboys & Indians" (Fomite Press) "The Housing Market: a comfortable place to jump off the end of the world" (Fomite Press) "The Hole That Runs Through Utopia" (Fomite Press) "Connecting The Dots To Shangrila: A Postmodern Cultural Hx Of America" (Fomite Press) "A Case Study Of Werewolves" (Fomite Press) "Taking The Fifth And Running With It: a psychological guide for the hard of hearing and blind" (Broadstone Books) "The Rituals Of Mummification" (Sagging Meniscus Press) "Magritte's Missing Murals: Insomniac Episodes" (Sagging Meniscus Press) "How To Order Chinese During A Hostage Crisis: Dialects, Existential Essays, A Play, And Other Poems" (Hog Press) "The American Book Of The Dead" (Xi Draconis Books) "American Existentialism" (Tuba Press) "From Premonition To Prophecy" (Delinkwent Scholar Press) "an eccentric urban guide to surviving" (Analog Submission Press).

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